Here's what our existing clients have to say about KinderCharts®.

“SurveyPro is an ideal tool for analyzing and reporting the results of our Family Assessments. It allows us to quickly identify families that need help. It also provides both individualized and aggregated charts and reports that clearly demonstrate the value our agency brings to both our families and our community.”

— Shawn Sharp, Early Care & Education Director, Children’s Therapy Center (Sedalia, MO)


“KinderCharts provides excellent individual and aggregated reports from the HELP 0-3 assessment to share with families and our stakeholders! The range of reports help us track our Early Head Start school readiness progress and plan program improvement.”

— Kristin Segall, Deputy Director, Ravalli Head Start (Hamilton, MT)


“HELP 3-6 is an ideal assessment for home-based children; linked with KinderCharts, we found it to be an excellent system to track child progress. The aggregated reports and graphs are perfect for reporting to our stakeholders.”

— Kimber Corn, Assistant Director, East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation (Ottawa, KS)


“SurveyPro is an outstanding program for analyzing data for our agency reports. We used the program for the first time this year to compile and analyze results of our Strengths/Needs Assessment to provide to our Self-Assessment team. It was easy to use and allows us to set up our own filters as well as scoring and gains categories. With its comprehensive reporting capabilities, analyzing and reporting the results of our family assessment data has never been easier. And, the technical support is awesome. We are looking forward to seeing what the program will do with our questionnaires.”

— Connie Gillock, Family Development Coordinator, Economic Security Corporation (Joplin, MO)


“HELP 0-3 works great for Home-based programs, lets families observe frequent and continual improvement, teaches child development to the parents, and meets federal and local needs. KinderCharts reports are incredibly useful and link HELP 0-3 to EHS Outcomes to provide the easiest way to meet and exceed federal reporting requirements.”

— Stacey Scarborough, Director, Children First Early Head Start, Venice Family Clinic (Santa Monica, CA)


“HELP 0-3 is an ideal assessment for infants and toddlers, and linked with KinderCharts, together they provide an excellent tool to track child progress along with aggregated reports and graphs perfect for reporting to our stakeholders.”


"The new HELP Strands 0-3 Plus assessment extends to 48 months letting us easily monitor progress beyond 36 months."

— Robyn Culley, Child Development and Disabilities Coordinator, Early Head Start of Carey Services (Marion, IN)


“We’ve used HELP 0-3 for over 10 years; staff and parents love it. KinderCharts ties directly to HELP 0-3, requires virtually no staff training, and its graphs are perfect for reporting to the Policy Council, Board meetings, and inclusion in the annual report. I love it!"

— Debbie Richert, Executive Director, Young Families EHS (Billings, MT)

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